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Mirrored Tray for Coffee Table: A Sparkling Accent Piece

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Aside from essential pieces that serve as the main functional furniture in the house, there are also other smaller accessories that can also function for a particular task. These objects are commonly referred to as decorative, ornamental, or accent pieces. An example for this type of accent piece is tray or vanity. For such an ornamental piece, its function is not only to provide additional and extra purposes, but also to create or enhance the accent feels in the room. That is why despite the little value of importance, these accent pieces have a wide assortment of designs available for purchase in the market.

One of the vanity or tray types which is pretty popular is the mirrored tray for coffee table. As its name suggests, mirrored tray for coffee table is a serving tray which is placed on top of the coffee table in your living room. With such a clean and reflective design, these mirrored trays for coffee table could make a sparkling addition to your daily life and even the occasional cocktail party you decide to hold. Moreover, they are really useful to keep small items such as magazines and remotes.

Check out these two exquisite designs of mirrored tray for coffee table:

Amazing Mirrored Tray For Coffee Table Tilley Antique Gold Mirrored Tray | Coffee Table Tray

Awesome Mirrored Tray For Coffee Table The Amazing Designs of Coffee Table Tray

Mirrored Tray for Coffee Table: A Sparkling Accent Piece