12 Classic Looks of Coffee Table Chest Trunks

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Now and then, the topic of our posts would not stray too far from coffee tables that have multiple functions, and we figure that it just clearly shows our preferred priorities with home furniture that have such an efficient and effective use in practicality. One thing that deserves much attention from home owners for such category, therefore, is none other than the coffee table chest trunk. The coffee table chest trunk is the type of centerpiece that can function as both serving space and an additional storage for various belongings so that you can keep your living room clutter-free.

For such a specific design for a centerpiece, these coffee table chest trunks surprisingly have a wide assortment of designs that have different materials, forms, structures, and even colors and finishes. Even so, most of them are usually made from wooden materials which is undoubtedly associated greatly with the classic look of the original form of a chest trunk. However, some other designs of coffee table trunks also offer ones that are made from metal material. For this type of coffee table trunks, they are even more durable and long-wearing than the wooden ones, ensuring a long lasting use in your household.

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12 Classic Looks of Coffee Table Chest Trunks