Re-Crafting Your Own DIY Trunk Coffee Table

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When you have old and worn trunks lying around your house, wasting space despite their non-apparent use, you might think none other than the best place to discard them. However, there is really no need to throw out a perfectly whole and intact trunk, as you can turn it instead into something with a much more functional object. If you have heard about how rustic themed furniture is such a hype nowadays, then you might have an inkling as to where we are going with this post.

With the basic skills and patience in construction, you can opt to transform your old and useless trunk into your own DIY trunk coffee table. With a product which is completely re-crafted and re-decorated by yourself, you can really go all-out with your creativity without worrying on how restricted you are with growing your own ideas. Now that you have gotten the basic of what is needed to make your own DIY trunk coffee table, we have prepared some more visual references to help you browse through a variety of designs that you can choose from.

Displayed below are 12 chic and colorful designs of DIY trunk coffee table that you can try for your next centerpiece project:

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Re-Crafting Your Own DIY Trunk Coffee Table