Round Lucite Coffee Table: An Edgy Glass-Like Alternative

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The round lucite coffee table is a type of centerpiece which is constructed from a glass-like material, to be more specific, a tough transparent plastic made of an acrylic resin which is usually used as a substitute for glass. Lucite is a furniture material which resembles a tempered glass in so many ways. However, the upside of actually having a lucite furniture as an alternative of tempered glass is that it is highly more durable than the frail glass or even the sturdiest glass. For this reason, the round lucite coffee table can be the next best thing for home owners who are looking for alternative ways to have a modern centerpiece for their living room.

What is more, unlike the typical glass coffee table, the round lucite coffee table has a modern air and contemporaneity because of the whole build of the coffee table which is entirely comprised of a lucite material. This way, you can have the effect of a glass coffee table but with an edgy atmosphere that no glass coffee table normally has. If you are interested in purchasing one of these unique piece of round lucite coffee tables, you can check out the best picture samples below:

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Round Lucite Coffee Table: An Edgy Glass-Like Alternative