What is Chair and a half slipcover?

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Having a beautiful seat in the house will be a great addition to your interior design. But there are often found a lot of difficulties to keep maintain the chairs both in the living room and family room. Not all seat materials can be washed easily, sometimes there is also a material that is very difficult to wash, and it can be quite annoying especially when you like the chair. Try to start doing maintenance on your chair, and you can find how to do maintain the chair and a half slipcover, in this article.

There are lots of references in the selection of slipcover that you can use, even there are a lot of people who make this slipcover’s DIY on the internet. By making your own, you can easily adjust your needs. There are also many complaints about where to find this slipcover that is sometimes difficult to find. The easiest solution is to look in the furniture store or go to the sofa shop and make a custom order of the slipcover to your liking.

You can choose the material as you wish or choose the same materials as the leather of your sofa. If the material is already set, look for a shape that can be mix with your seat so that the seat is not covered totally by slipcover. Installation of this slipcover should be tied to a certain side, but there are also part or models that left hanging on the bottom of the chair.

Chair And A Half Slipcover
chair and a half slipcover

Chair And A Half Slipcover coming from cozycrookedcottage

What is Chair and a half slipcover?