How to Repair Bathroom Tile

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How to repair bathroom tile may one of big questions on your mind. Before starting to repair it, you have to prepare chisel, putty knife, adhesive, utility knife, grout remover, replacement tile and hammer.

The first thing you have to do to repair the bathroom tile is to remove the grout by the utility knife which you have prepared before. But, if the grout is quiet hard to remove, you can use the grout remover. After that, remove the old tiles. It will be harder to pull it out if the tiles are old or long time design because of the adhesive.

Next, try to prepare the new tiles. Make sure that you put it in a right place before put any glue on it. You can also use putty knife to help you to apply. Wait about 24 hours till the tiles bounded and when it is, use the putty knife again to apply grout.

How To Repair Bathroom Tile
how to repair bathroom tile

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How to Repair Bathroom Tile