Semi Circle Bench

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Semi circle bench is one of bench shapes you can consider to have. If you have a park next to your house, you can put it there. Semi circle bench means you and other people who sit on it would make a half of circle.

Semi circle bench is usually found in a location where the people love to be at. It means it is a place with a high frequency of visitors. The example of those certain places are a park and also in your house. The park can be used as a place to meet your friends to do some discussions about your home works or even just want to see the surroundings.

Semi circle bench commonly could be a place to sit for at least 6 people. The material is a various one. Some of them are made by wood and some of others are not. Some of them are also designed with the place of the back even others are not.

Semi Circle Bench
semi circle bench

Semi Circle Bench image

Semi Circle Bench