Building a Butcher Block

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Building a butcher block is one of a recommended things for you to be done. Well, the butcher block can be used for anything, including for your kitchen island. You can make it yourself with your own skill and materials. If you do not have those 2 aspects, you can call a carpenter to help you.

Well building a butcher block is not difficult to do for several people, even most of the societies do not find their skills work on it. For your information, you can use maple as the material of the butcher block. You can use a wood with the thickness which is 1 ¾. But, you can use the thicker one to build it.

Then, make it into pieces and stick it. After sticking it, the next step is make the pieces into joint by using a mallet. Wait for about 24 hours for it to set.

Building A Butcher Block
building a butcher block

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Building a Butcher Block